Sunday, September 23, 2007

My first, how sweet!

After searching for winter patterns all morning, I noticed there if a very active knitting community on blogger. So I joined, in hopes of finding people who can teach me more about my beloved yarn and needles. I'm also hoping ONE of them can help me find just a basic glove pattern! No cables, just plain stockinette! My 15 year old brother wants some, but he is disgusted by the "trendy" fingerless kind and thinks cables are too fancy. Kids are pains in the ass.

I've been knitting for just over a year. I'm still bad with gauges and doing test squares before starting an actual project. I've knitted various scarfs, some bags, a sweater and a few hats. In the next few months I plan to tackle shawls, more scarfs, another sweater, gloves, fingerless gloves and eventually a knitted bunny rabbit. Bunnies are so cute!

I have created only ONE pattern on my own and it was an Octopus. I doubt I'll ever realease it because the person I made it for, well, let's just say it's super special to me and I will never make another one for anyone else but me. I made a mini one for a gift, but i'm thinking making a HUGE one could be kind of cool, don't you think?

I already have another blog on LJ that I've had for over six years that I maintain for myself and a handful of close friends (mostly from school). I intend to use this one for knitting related adventures.