Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making Saucy Fast

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I've been doing really well with this tote! I was on FIRE, knitting it like crazy, and then my morale slowed to a hault, and I haven't worked on it in two days, and it's SO close to being finished! Just need to mattress stitch the pieces together.

I'm really happy with the fabric I chose for the inside. I'm really happy with the piece in general, though I feel like I should've made the knit bigger, to fit the plastic canvas better. Whatever. It looks fantastic.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm On A Roll!

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I just moved from the Desert to Mission Viejo, and I have no social life. Not that I had much of one back there, but now, really, there is only three or four people around here I can hang out with. It's sad. Which gives me more time to knit! Which is actually great, because I love it. LOVE it! So much, that after dinner, I whisked myself over to Michael's (the local yarn shops I looked up closed at 5) and found a big skein of this dark green yarn on clearance for $2. I actually found the yarn after I had found the cameo which called out to me from a rack as I was leaving the store empty-handed. I had brought one of my new knitting books (Stitch N Bitch Nation) and thumbed through it, looking for a pattern where I could use this amazing piece of charm as a button. I found hope in the Saucy Tote pattern, which is original pink and green. Eff that! I hope to line to bag with a really nice creme and gold patterned fabric, if I can find such a thing. I'm really excited! So far, it seems pretty easy!

The hardest part so far was making sure I didn't twist the needle. Circular needles are such a bitch for the first few rows!

So, I knit in the round until it measures 8.5 inches, so I'm going to get on that now.


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Soulbot is complete. Finally. Three more little strands to sew in and it's on it's way to it's owner. I'm just it's maker.

How fucking badass is that? I hope fucking moochers don't try to steal it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


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So, after the collar is finished (in the three rounds), my Soulbot sweater will be complete! FINALLY. Took me about seven months, but whatever! It's great! I'm proud of myself, that's for sure.

I'm already starting to think about what to make next. However, I have a lot of stashed yarn so I better work with that before buying more. Yep. Sucks.