Saturday, August 29, 2009

Winding Balls

Knitting nicely along the Guppy Sweater, as you can see. The back piece is entirely finished, and this is the start of the front. I posted the pictures of the balls of yarn because I had to hand wind those myself, and that is tiring and obnoxious work. I really should get a yarn winder one of these days. I've been saying that for years. I tried to spin a center pull ball, which is when you pull a string that starts at the middle of the ball and well, when I pulled it, it was stuck. So I pulled it hard enough to break the yarn. So apparently, I didn't spin it right, and will try again next time. Maybe. I don't think it's really necessary either way, as long as the yarn isn't knotted.

I'm still taking orders for the scarfs I'll be knitting this fall season, which I talked about in my last blog. Email me if you're interested! (

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Xtine's Commission Deal

This one if for the ladies, or a guy who wouldn't mind wearing a skinny scarf. Hell, if boys can wear girl jeans, I'm sure they'd be into skinny scarfs. So, for the Fall/Winter I will be making scarfs approximately 4"x60", made of cotton and silk blended yarn in assorted colors for $45 each. This includes the cost for supplies, shipping and making it. I will only be making them as commissioned work, meaning you need to email me ( with the color you would like and I'll provide the email address for payment to my paypal address. I won't start working on the scarf until payment has been processed and I will give you an ETA for it to be done. These will be hand knitted, obviously, so please understand that takes time. I'm also knitting more than one project at a time, hence the early start on this deal.

It will look like Heather's gothy scarf, which I wish wasn't black for the sake of this blog. It's hard to see the cables (the twists that make a pretty design).

A special thanks goes out to J'aime for showing interest in my talent, picking out this scarf for her choice, and overall inspiring me to do this.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pissed Off Knitting

I'm just starting to finish off the back piece of this sweater, and I wish I could blog with more excitement, but unfortunately today has not been too kind. I have moronically dented my car (right above the left front tire) on a pillar in the parking garage at my work. Totally stupid. I feel like an idiot. So I have to use the money I JUST saved up to fix it. I need to fix it so I can sell it when I finally move back east and can freely rely on public transportation. I'm really pissed. I JUST saved that money only to spend it on shit I don't want to spend it on. I'm trying to remain calm by finishing this piece of the Guppy Sweater puzzle and watching True Blood. Sigh. Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One up on etsy!

I finished the hat! It's kinda small. I'll have to make two inches for a rim next time, instead of one. I like how it turned out though. Maybe just wish I had made it longer, like I just said. Anyway, if you'd like to buy it, I put it on my etsy!

I also just bought DPN and I lost one. Within an HOUR. Wow. So I'm going to go look around for it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hooray! My yarn arrived!

I Just got my first order from Alpaca Direct in the mail today! Really fast service and packaged all nicely! I was so excited that I even stashed it on my Ravelry. WOOT! Now I'm just torn between finishing that time wasting hat, or starting the sweater that I bought all this yarn for!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What's been knitted... sort of.

Yeah I never finished that teddy bear. Just lost interest in it, and it was only to learn how to knit on DPN. And I learned and so it wasn't a wasted effort. I took a break off of knitting for a while. Then I finally got around to finishing a commissioned scarf. It took three times to finally get it right, as cashmere is ridiculously hard to knit with. I had to use wool to make it an actual scarf. The cashmere was too thin and flimsy.

Now I'm waiting for some Cascade 220 yarn (wool) to arrive from Alpaca Direct so I can start knitting my second sweater. This one will also be derived from a simple sweater pattern, yet definitely an Xtine original. I'm excited, and hopefully it won't take me over a year to complete.

Currently I'm making a simple hat (beanie) with yarn from my stash until my newly ordered yarn gets here. Much like the scarf, it's wool with cashmere, this time in two colors. I like it, but I'm not sure who I'll end up giving it to. Maybe put it on Etsy? We'll see. I have a feeling I'll list a lot of projects on there and just pull them off and gift them as birthdays appear. As you can see, nothing is posted at the moment.