Monday, December 22, 2008

Sackboy is complete!

Just putting the final touches on him! Pretty easy since he's supposed to look homemade and the stitching details are requested to be uneven. He's really cute. I almost want to keep him, but alas, he is a gift. Plus, we don't really know each other. Had I played Little Big Planet, I'm sure I'd be more attached. Post pictures after he's delivered.

Up all night!

I had NO idea how late it was because I was so into my Sackboy project. I have his head (with adorable face) and body stuffed and sewn together. Tomorrow I will attach his limbs and possibly complete him, which would be fantastic since I had tomorrow put aside for gift wrapping. Hooray!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OMFG. A Dr.Girlfriend illusion scarf?!

AHHH! I woke up this morning to a delightful little link of an email from Shine! Someone has actually made a pattern for a Dr.Girlfriend illusion scarf. MUST BE MINE. It's not available yet, but I cannot wait to start it! YAY! I haven't been this excited for a knitting project since I started Soulbot!

Sackboy now has a head!

Well, it's been knitted. It still needs eyes and a little yarn smile and you know, a body. Maybe some stuffing. Whatever, he's making progress! My fingers are so sore from working on tiny needles (those tips hurt!) and my elbows are not used to such strain. However I am happy with how it's coming along, and I really hope that didn't just jinx me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tiny Sackboy Body.

Tiny body.
Originally uploaded by drxgirlfriend
This little guy is going to be tiny, it's so cute! Anyway, the pattern that I had to track down from a british knitting magazine reader, is actually flawed. The cast on stitches (12) and the first increase row instructions do not add up. I had to adjust it according, increasing six stitches per increase row the way I saw fit: and the beginning of the row and at the end. I just ate half a medium pizza by myself so my stomach is stuffed to the brim, but that is neither here nor there.

What the HELL?!

This is becoming ridiculous! First off, I'm not even sure knitting this thing is worth it, speaking finding sack colored yarn is near impossible, but now that i've managed to do my best color match, which who knows is even up to par to expectations, the zipper is too long, but I think since it's not actually being used, just decoration, I can cut and glue shut. We'll see. The big thing that is pissing me off right now (other than thinking this is SO NOT WORTH ANYTHING) is that my magic little shiny bag full of tiny scissors, pins, and my ROW COUNTER is missing! I JUST saw it Friday night when I was cleaning and I remember putting it away with all the rest of my knitting shit, but when I came home to get it, GONE. Is this a sign? All this bullshit is telling me to BURN all the yarn I just bought and go back to that silly crochet scarf for grandma.

EDIT: Found it. It was where I left it, just forgot I put it at the back corner of the bin.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sackboy? More like sackBITCH!

Okay, I haven't even started knitting this fucker and he's already a headache. I had to snag two plastic drinking straws from the E-bar when I got my daily treat, and then finding the correct gauge of yarn for this fucker was NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, so I got the closest color/gauge I could find. I tried calling Shinerz, but she was too drunk and high to really comprehend what I was saying. Still love you, though! :) Couldn't find a 4in metal zipper, so I have to try JoAnn's tomorrow before work. The easiest part, the button eyes. I don't think I have the desire to start this guy tonight.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


A friend has asked me to knit him this character from the video game Little Big Planet. After just a little over a day, I've managed to persuade this awfully sweet British mum to send it my way. I just got it today, and the British terms are adorable. Anyway, I'll probably start knitting it Friday night. I'm pretty excited, though it looks a little intricate. I deserve a challenge.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Bitch Can Crochet.

Yep, taught myself how last week. It's okay. The first attempt at a scarf started kinda uneven, but it'll even out I think. At least enough for my grandmother to approve and treasure it. I prefer knitting tenfold. I think the stitches are more precise and lovely than the knots in crochet work. It's just my preference. I'll post pictures, you know, when I get around to it.