Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm On A Roll!

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I just moved from the Desert to Mission Viejo, and I have no social life. Not that I had much of one back there, but now, really, there is only three or four people around here I can hang out with. It's sad. Which gives me more time to knit! Which is actually great, because I love it. LOVE it! So much, that after dinner, I whisked myself over to Michael's (the local yarn shops I looked up closed at 5) and found a big skein of this dark green yarn on clearance for $2. I actually found the yarn after I had found the cameo which called out to me from a rack as I was leaving the store empty-handed. I had brought one of my new knitting books (Stitch N Bitch Nation) and thumbed through it, looking for a pattern where I could use this amazing piece of charm as a button. I found hope in the Saucy Tote pattern, which is original pink and green. Eff that! I hope to line to bag with a really nice creme and gold patterned fabric, if I can find such a thing. I'm really excited! So far, it seems pretty easy!

The hardest part so far was making sure I didn't twist the needle. Circular needles are such a bitch for the first few rows!

So, I knit in the round until it measures 8.5 inches, so I'm going to get on that now.

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