Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back is DONE!

I finished the back of my beloved grey sweater a few days ago, and plan to start the actual intarsia pattern tonight after work. How sad is it that I have no social life because I'd rather be knitting? True story, two seperate parties invited me out last night and I said no to both so I could start the front of the sweater, knowing that I could get the bottom done, work some stockinette at work the next day and be ready to start Soulbot when I got home. Regardless, I love it and plan to never give it up.

I think I want to learn crotchet, mostly because I found some pretty cute patterns that I want to make. However, I still feel the need to learn more about knitting rather than just pick something else up as well. I'd like to be an expert in one trade, rather than so-so in two. I really need to tackle DPNs, so I think after I finish this amazing sweater, I'll try to make some gloves or something.

I'll post pictures of my progress tomorrow, or after I get some of the intarsia in. Pictures right now would be somewhat boring.

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