Sunday, December 14, 2008

What the HELL?!

This is becoming ridiculous! First off, I'm not even sure knitting this thing is worth it, speaking finding sack colored yarn is near impossible, but now that i've managed to do my best color match, which who knows is even up to par to expectations, the zipper is too long, but I think since it's not actually being used, just decoration, I can cut and glue shut. We'll see. The big thing that is pissing me off right now (other than thinking this is SO NOT WORTH ANYTHING) is that my magic little shiny bag full of tiny scissors, pins, and my ROW COUNTER is missing! I JUST saw it Friday night when I was cleaning and I remember putting it away with all the rest of my knitting shit, but when I came home to get it, GONE. Is this a sign? All this bullshit is telling me to BURN all the yarn I just bought and go back to that silly crochet scarf for grandma.

EDIT: Found it. It was where I left it, just forgot I put it at the back corner of the bin.

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