Saturday, September 26, 2009

White Scarf Sent and Delivered!

Finished and folded white scarf!

Scarf all tied and ready for delivery!

Sorry it's been a bit since an update. I'm sure those wondering if I started your project are a bit worried, but I assure you, I have started work on every knit I said I would do. I just finished the cable skinny scarf and sent it out to Peter, who said he got it and will send me pictures of it in use very soon! Yay! I'm sure I've mentioned this, and will do so again: If you have something I knitted you, I would really appreciate some good quality photos of it for my portfolio. Granted, I do have some already taken from when I worked on it, but I really like the idea of seeing what became of it, where it went.

I'm currently knitting a brimmed hat for my good friend, Megan. A little nervous as I've never made one with a brim before, but so far so good! I expect it to be done in about a week or a week and a half.

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