Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweaters Done Both Ways

Working hard on Megan's cute owl sweater! I'm using Cascade 180 Superwash in Wisteria. Apparently it's washable wool. No felting! Just wash it cold, with your hands. I think? I can't really read the all the symbols the label has. What does the triangle mean again? This page might help. Anyway, the following is a picture of the progress so far.

I really dig knitting a sweater on circular needles. The Guppy Sweater took forever because I was knitting on straight needles, and making four different pieces. I apparently started that sweater in August of 2009 and STILL haven't finished it. It's just so tedious. Picture!:

I still have to sew all four pieces together and then block it for shape and size. Boring. But I love that grape jelly color and the fact it looks like a jersey with the raglan sleeves. Or will, when it's finally finished.

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