Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost in Translation

Anytime you create a custom pattern, it is necessary for a series of trial and errors. I forget this and just assume the translated design will be knitted flawlessly and all will be well in the world. First off, the Apple logo I have designed is completely and mathematically accurate. Hooray! Secondly, knitting with silks and bamboos on a size 4 needle AND trying replicate the ideal logo is apparently harder than I had previously assumed. Oh, and bonus! I think I knitted an extra row in the purple section meaning my first trial is most likely fucked. Super bonus, it's also being knitted for a guy and there is this old wive's tale, a myth if you will, that once you knit something for a guy things will inevitably unravel. I knitted for one guy prior, but he's my best friend in NY and there is nothing either of us can do that could possibly damage our friendship. Believe me, we've tried. SO there ya go. Stressed over this stupid Apple and I'm three colors in and so far, not impressed with my knitwork. I am impressed with my design though.

Edit: (10:55pm) After some brief thought, I think I'm going to try to do a swatch of the pattern using Cascade 220 superwash, which I'm more used to knitting intarsia pieces with. This bamboo and silk, while very soft and nice, just isn't keep the stitches secure. It looks flimsy and fucks with the edges of the Apple. I'll report back tomorrow. Or later tonight. Demands how motivated I feel.


Shine said...

I believe that's only true for sweaters.

pictures! I love your pictures!

xtine. said...

O RLY? Haha, Thanks! HEY! I bought a lot of really thin bamboo/cotton/silk yarns. I'm not really familiar with it, and I know you use those types. Can you email me your address so I can send it?